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Ayla is a blockchain-based loyalty reward and engagement platform that helps businesses increase customer retention and grow customer loyalty powered by OJA Smart Chain (OJX20). Be part of the fastest growing Web3 loyalty platform and supercharge your loyalty platform today.

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Designed for all use cases

Create a customer loyalty experience of any type, without  limitations. As a Ayla offers next-gen loyalty logic under smart contract framework to satisfy all your business needs.


Whether you’re selling exclusively online or you’re a retailer planning to strengthen your online presence, we have the right solution for you.

B2B merchants

Turning any indirect buyers into contactable customers. Get valuable insight about your end-users  to make the right business planning.


Loyalty logic: tiers, points, perks and benefitsUse a tiered program and advanced loyalty mechanics to engage customers for the long-term.

Supercharge your loyalty program today!

Advanced analytics

Get advanced analytical insights on your customer behavior to help customize your program offerings.

Real time network

Powered by OJA Blockchain that allow a real-time and secure loyalty reward creation and redemption.

Transferable rewards

Customers can transfer rewards between other members and redeemed across merchants to increase redemption rate.

Greater engagement

Issue your own brand's token and choose from a wide-range of proven loyalty programs that works for your business.

Increased redemption

Interlinking loyalty programs offer your customers more fantastic choices and lead to more redemption transactions.

Easy integrations

Free setup within minutes and experience fast transactions at a very low cost on a secured decentralised blockchain.

Start engaging your customers with a blockchain-based loyalty program.

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Be part of the fastest growing Web3 loyalty platform and supercharge your loyalty platform today. Request your free demo today.

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